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Zhihe Antiseptic Material Limited Company in Qinyang Henan Province is founded in October 2006. It is a modern new enterprise that does product research and development together with production. Zhihe Ltd. stands in the leading edge of antiseptic industry. It takes active part in the technological innovation and it has already achieved abundant achievement in the research and development in antiseptic area. Zhihe Ltd. regards the technological innovation as the driving force of the enterprise, s development and it has realized diversified management successfully.
So far the enterprise absorbs advanced technique all over the country and keeps bringing forth the new through the old. It develops many kinds of new products. The physical and chemical properties of the product can reach the international standards and get to the leading area inside the country. The enterprise has four assembly lines of antiseptic carbon brick, three assembly lines of graphite carbon brick and two assembly lines of carbon paste. The competence of production and marketing runs the first place in Henan province. The product will be sold to Liaoning, Shandong, Hebei, Hubei, Guizhou, Sichuan and other provinces and the consumers speak highly of the product. In recent years, the enterprise develops international market.
From the foundation of the enterprise, it always keeps going towards diversification, standardization, scale of production, collectivization and modernization. The spirit of the enterprise is that keeping unity and making progress from generation to generation, innovation with pioneering, being honest and modest and being pragmatic and efficient. All of the staff in the enterprise will insist on their own idea and will never give up. The enterprise focuses on the requirement of the consumers and makes use of their outstanding product and excellent service to express their thanks to the whole society.